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Keto, Low-Carb, Neapolitan Fat Bombs

Keto Neapolitan Ice Cream Fat Bombs


½ cup coconut oil

½ cup unsalted butter (softened)

4 oz cream cheese (softened)

2 tbsp Stevia

1 cup cool whip

2 large strawberries

2 tsp cacao powder

1 tsp vanilla extract


  1. In a bowl, combine the coconut oil, butter (softened), cream cheese, stevia and cool whip. Mix until well mixed and you have a creamy texture. You can do this with an immersion blender or hand mixer.
  2. Divide the mixture evenly into 3 bowls.
  3. Crush the strawberries with a fork and add them to one of the 3 bowls. Using your immersion blender or hand mixer (you may have to take out one of the beaters if using a hand mixer), blend the strawberry mixture until well blended. This will give you your pink strawberry layer.
  4. Next, add the 2 teaspoons of cacao powder to the second bowl and mix well.
  5. For your last bowl, add the vanilla extract and mix well. – You now have your three layers of flavor for your Neapolitan Ice Cream Fat Bombs.
  6. Pour the strawberry mixture evenly into the fat bomb mold. You can pick up the mold and tap it down on your table to help even it all out if you need to.
  7. Freeze for about 20 minutes.
  8. The strawberry layer doesn’t have to be completely frozen, just hardened enough that you can put the next layer over the top without it blending into the first layer.
  9. Next, add the vanilla layer, following the exact same step as above.
  10. Freeze for about 20 minutes.
  11. Lastly, add the chocolate layer and freeze until completely frozen. This should take at least an hour.
  12. Once your Neapolitan Ice Cream Fat Bombs are good to go, you can pop them all out of the molds and store them in an airtight container.